Efforts to Train Physical Cockfighting S128

Efforts to Train Physical Cockfighting S128

Efforts to Train Physical Cockfighting S128 – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss the physical training efforts of S128 chicken sabuing.

For senior fighting cock fighting lovers, of course, they already know about how to train fighting cocks to have a strong physique when the cock is fighting other fighting cocks in the arena. Ter-for those of you who don’t know how to train fighting chickens that have a strong physique, please refer to the following reviews:

Running Practice

Running training on your fighting cocks can be done in various ways. some use special tools in the form of a rotary cage, others only use simple techniques. however, no matter how, running training is still needed. This is to train the muscle muscles of the legs and breathing of the fighting cocks that you have.

Wing Gym Exercises

Wing gymnastics or often called janturan is a technique to train the muscles of Bangkok chicken wings to make them move more flexible. Just like foot gymnastics, the technique of how to train Bangkok chickens is also well known. janturan is done by lifting the chicken as high as possible using both hands.

The right hand holds the chest from behind, and the left hand holds the base of the tail. slowly release the right hand backward while the left hand drops down as well. the chicken will flap its wings so that the muscles and joints are stronger and used to move.

Leg Exercises

Leg gymnastics or what people usually call chicken push-ups is a technique for training Bangkok chicken that is common among fighting cock lovers. This training technique really supports the ability of chickens to fight. his leg and knee muscles will get used to moving so that later he will not be afraid to face his opponent.

Body Exercises

When fighting, the fighting cock’s body will look to move back and forth looking for the opponent’s body area to be hit. if the body is not used to moving, the chicken will clumsy and stiff in movement. for that, it needs habituation so that the rotation of the body is more flexible, the way is by applying body exercises every morning.

Neck Exercises

As we know, the muscles in the neck are a part of the body that really supports the movement of the head of the chicken when it is aiming at an opponent or avoiding attacks on the head while on the battlefield. flexible neck muscles will be very useful in winning the battle round after round. Therefore, for the next way to train Bangkok chicken that we recommend is to train the neck muscles.

Abar Exercises

Besides doing physical exercise, you also need to mentally train your favorite Bangkok chicken. Of course it will be useless not if you have a strong physical fighting cock but have a peanut-class mentality. Therefore, try to preach or kick your Bangkok chicken with a friend’s Bangkok chicken. Your training doesn’t need to be long, just a water or two. and if you already have a hammer, it’s better if it’s plastered so it’s safe.

Hit Practice

This exercise is one of the most effective exercises, because in addition to strengthening and improving the muscles of the chicken the cock is not injured. To find out more, please read how to train fighting chickens complete with videos like in the previous post that we have shared.…

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